FETCH launches “Open A Tab” functionality to allow customers to leave without even asking for or paying for the bill
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United Kingdom – Sept.01, 2020. Never again will you have to (or want to!) leave your card behind the bar thanks to FETCH. Gone are the days of racking up the drinks to be surprised with a bill at the end – with FETCH’s new feature Open a Tab, you can view your subtotal as you go, and can easily split the bill with friends.

Customers will be able to open a tab in FETCH by pre-authorising a certain amount e.g. £100 and then order food and drinks to that amount. When the time comes to leaves the venue, the pre-authorised card is automatically settled to pay the bill. You don’t even have to look if you don’t want! Simply walk out of the premises and payment is taken automatically.

Demand for this feature has come from pubs and bars but also restaurants. They’ve told FETCH that the avoidance of having to wait for the check and then have to pay it is hugely attractive to customers, and allows venues to work more efficiently. It also lends itself to wider spaces such as casinos, hotels and even shopping malls to allow customers to shop the way they want to, in the new norm.

Not only is it solving a problem today, but for the future allows customers to sit back and relax, without the need or worry to pay for every round or snack. Jason Jeffreys, Co-Founder of FETCH says

“To be able to leave a venue when you want to, without having to wait or worry is an obvious advantage for customers. Waiting to order and waiting to pay the check are pain points that we are solving here, and of course by opening a tab it is a more enjoyable experience.”


FETCH is an on-premises food and drink order and pay application for pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, arenas, festivals, hotels and other venues. It enables venues and hospitality operators to offer an impressive solution to allow guests to be self-serving whenever and wherever they want to. There is no set up charge and no ongoing support costs, making it attractive to independents and groups. As well as enabling social distancing for staff and customers, the FETCH groundbreaking proprietary customer location technology allows venues to locate customers to within 10cm accuracy wherever they are on premises. Current customers are located in the UK and Germany.

More information: www.fetchmyorder.com
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